Web development

Our team has many years of experience in developing web applications of all types and levels of complexity. We use the latest technology and platforms available to respond on every application requirement. Whether you need to handle huge databases, conform to specific security standards or connect with a variety of internal systems on the client side, it is certain that every time you can expect maximum commitment, technical expertise and support.

We developed our own products such as eLearning, eLoyalty, web2sms and Business Management platforms that are available for implementation as a turn key solution, with the possibility of additional functional adaptation with different modules or adaptation to corporate visual standards.

Mobile development

We develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems. In this segment we have product platforms tailored for retail, service and financial industry. If you have a specific application request or a project task contact us, we look forward to new challenges and always ready to deliver the required solution.

Branding, Strategy, Media, PR, Design and Production

In today’s ever-changing media landscape, we uncover opportunities to help brands win their public. Our passion is for compelling content backed by brilliant execution in services we offer such as: brand development, brand identity, creative concepts, strategic planning, public relations, design and productiion.


In cooperation with our partners we offer reliable servers, configured with the latest available hardware and software. Each server uses the latest Intel ® processors, generous amounts of RAM and a fast RAID controllers to provide speed of light performance and unparalleled reliability.

Machines are connected over 400GBit and redundant links via upstream providesr. In this way we can guarantee the highest network availability and high-speed data transmission. To protect against network abuse and unauthorized access we use CISCO routers together with specially customized firewall systems.